A strong bet on mobile technology

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Real commitment

Copernicus Develops is company with a serious commitment with health care. They believe that current technologies can improve the quality of people’s life. For that reason, so as to reach such goal they chose hashdog as their Tech Partner.

End-To-End Solution

They needed an End-To-End solution to develop their products. Luckily they found in Hashdog this cost-effective solution. Copernicus deposited his trust in our experience to lead his Technical Department: planning, project management and development of its products. In this way, they focus their work on the bussines management and we have improved it.

  • Development
  • I+D
  • Biomedical Engeneer
  • Project Management

Heartbeats on your phone

iStethoApp, use the microphone of the iPhone to listen the heartbeats. This information is processed with some filters and presented in a screen which has been perfectly designed to create the perfect bond with the user. We remark the fact that we have previously worked with an investigation, a biomedical research, project management and development.

A complete package

As its Tech Partner, we gave copernicus online presence, creating its institutional image from the scratch and placing it on the Net. All designs and webpage for all devices were thoroughly made and developed.