Open Source

The open source makes the internet a better, more inclusive place to be around. We love that. That’s what we work and live for. This is our contribution to it.

Api Gem Skel

Api template for gn, the file generator.

Identicon GitHub

Create indenticon-like image hashes styled like Github and Gravatar (retro) avatars.

MongoID Tags

Basic tagging system for mongoid, using map-reduce function.

Atom Plugin

This is a simple plugin for Atom that allows you to easily paste code to SCRAPfy, our collaborative code editor.

Chrome extension

This is a simple extension for Chrome that adds a button with multiple SCRAPfy options.

Ohm Elasticsearch

Ruby implementation for Elasticsearch and OHM.

Hashdog Demo Api

A Skel for creating APIs using Cuba.


Focus on what really matters. DoggerJS allows you to work just in your code. No extra effort.


A wrapper around mailchimp API.

Sinatra Cucumber

Basic template for using Cuba with Rspec and Cucumber.

Freshbooks API

A node.js wrapper for FreshBooks' API.